What our clients are saying

“Hoda enabled me to involve and engage my management team in the planning of our new structure and thanks to her I succeeded in delivering a well considered plan that had buy-in from the team.”
“Over the last ten years, Hoda Lacey has been an invaluable contributor to our business, training and mentoring key personnel to enable them to take on new roles within the business, focus their efforts appropriately, manage their staff more effectively”

“Hoda’s ability to gently dig and unearth is amazing. She is one in a million.”
“I found you a sensitive and caring mentor, unfazed by working with a blind person. Thank you for taking my problems on board and helping me through them.”

“Hoda’s depth of skill and experience comes into play as a professional conflict handler”.
“What you did really well was getting us to look at ourselves, and giving us the knowledge to unlock our abilities – not many coaches are good at this.”
“You helped us to make sense of the factors affecting us and, most importantly, to see that most of these things are within our control”

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