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How do you deal with people who just don’t get on?

Teams with no team spirit? Middle managers who are at loggerheads? Board directors whose disagreements pose a commercial threat?

Some businesses just don’t. They assume people should be mature enough to resolve such matters on their own. Or they ignore it for so long that the situation escalates. And what was once a problem that could be resolved, is too far gone.

We can help. That’s what we do. We simply facilitate you in identifying your options and point out any future risks or consequences. We don’t know more than you do about your business. We don’t tell you what to do. What we CAN do is help you identify your options and then find the best solutions for you. Our tried and tested methods enable you to bring all parties into the equation and apply joined-up thinking to the issue.

Hoda Lacey is a trusted adviser to people in business, a coach and a mentor.

She is an authority on performance and conflict management and provides stress-busting, problem solving interventions, mediation and other pain-relieving solutions to organizational headaches.

Hoda Lacey
Business woman

In 1998, Hoda was entrusted to continue the Conflict Resolution (UK) mission. A business which began trading in 1993 to promote the teachings of the Conflict Resolution Network of Australia (www.crnhq.org). a network of people with common commitment to co-operative communication strategies and related skills.

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Hoda has been providing people development solutions for businesses for over over 20 years.  Organisational challenges arise from many different aspects of the business such as structure, culture, or values, as well as staff competence and willingness.  Hoda's intuition and targeted questioning skills enable her to take the whole picture into account before recommending a course of action.

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