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Unreasonable and difficult people do exist. But they think that you are the problem!

Resolving people issues is a tricky affair. Even for your Human Resources team. You see, we often can’t recognize our own prejudices and emotional triggers. And if you work in the same environment and know the people involved, then there is inevitably some pre-disposition to bias.
Mediators are trained to recognize their hooks and biases and to remain impartial throughout. This is a lot easier if you use an external resource.
We get to the bottom of what is going on and help you resolve them more quickly so that you can get on with the job you are paid to do.

Our services include:  
  • Management and Team Development
  • Performance Management
  • Investigation
  • Problem-solving Interventions
  • Mediation
  • On-going coaching and mentoring
  • Board meeting facilitation
  • Change Management
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Benefits of resolving Conflict at Work:

  • Increased performance, productivity and motivation
  • More appropriate use of management time
  • Reduction in hidden cost of conflict
  • Staff retention
  • Reduced stress and absenteeism
  • Improved workplace communication
  • Better team cohesion and effectiveness
  • Improved handling of difficult situations and appraisals
  • Creative use of conflict as a catalyst for change and progress
Conflict sign
Conflict sign

Why use us?

Hoda Lacey is uniquely placed to assess problem situations. With a masters Degree in organizational development, over ten years management experience, including three at board director level, plus years of experience as an independent consultant, she is attuned to details that others may overlook.
Her fact-finding is effective, consistent, impartial, respectful and rigorous. Her suggested solutions are collaborative and cost-effective. But it’s up to you to follow them through!